What is a manufacturer’s representative?

Just as with many services today, companies find if cost effective to outsource their sales team. Manufacturer’s reps are an efficient way to provide customers with local service and support, without the burdensome overhead costs of an internal salaried staff. We receive training, literature and support from the principal manufacturer on a regular basis.

Why should I contact EPE instead of the principals (manufacturers) directly?

We are proud of the long term positive relationships we have with both our principles and customers. Many of our principals have been with us over 18 years. We work hand-in-hand with  our principals to give you personal, on-site service. Our staff has many years of experience with project management, engineering and customer satisfaction, which is added-value that supports the success of your project. When a principal is contacted directly, they contact us to follow up, as we approach each inquiry with a team effort to render the best solution for our customer.

What can I expect from EPE during the project cycle?

Typically, we will visit your operation to work with you to determine the best solution for your needs. We use our experience to help identify risks and manage expectations of everyone involved. We’ve found this early planning and review is most likely to result in a mutually positive experience later in the project.

Once we get the quote, we will review the quote in person, email or fax, depending upon the situation. Once the order is placed, we coach the order through, resolving  any issues that surface. We typically attend any Factory Acceptance Testing visits & phone contact.

Will I ever see anyone from EPE once my equipment is installed?

Yes! Many of our customers have been with us for a long time, sometimes spanning several generations.

What does EPE do to emphasize customer service?

We strive to be easy to communicate with.  We have a “live, real person” to answer the telephone in our office during business hours.  We dislike voicemail as much as you probably do!  If, in a rare event, you get voicemail, it’s because several folk called at once, or some other mitigating event.  Our sales representatives all have cell telephones and welcome your call directly.  They typically always have them “on” unless in a meeting with a customer, or already speaking with someone else.  We also have the customary email and facsimile means. We also keep records of all machines our customers have purchased over the years.  If you have the serial number, we can tell you all about the machine including parts history, original equipment, and when purchased.